The Values Inspired Leader
Since time immemorial people of all races, creeds and social standing have followed the call of great leaders.

Today people are looking for leaders who display the values that make great leaders great; that give us a reason to believe in them and follow.

We want our leaders to be worthy of following.

This presentation takes you to the heart of the strong and ethical values inspired leadership that defines the Ten Lessons in Being a Values Inspired Leader.

These are lessons learnt from over 32 years of being in senior management and leadership roles. They are the lessons learned from observing great leaders in both military and civilian lives. The lessons come from researching the qualities and values that people say they look for in a great leader. They are lessons learnt from leading high performing, high achieving, values inspired teams.

The Ten Lessons in Being a Values Inspired Leader:

     Lesson 1 - The two types of respect given to leaders;
     Lesson 2 - How to earn an important aspect of leadership;
     Lesson 3 - The trust a leader must have;
     Lesson 4 - How leaders build great teams;
     Lesson 5 - How leaders make things happen;
     Lesson 6 - How a leader serves the team;
     Lesson 7 - Where a leader should be when leading;
     Lesson 8 - An important, often overlooked, component of leadership;
     Lesson 9 - The loneliness of leadership;
     Lesson 10 - The leader's view of the vision.
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