The Butterfly That Changed The World
What if sometime today you touched a life in a way that would change that personís world forever?

This is the stunning story of a colony of butterfly that live in a most amazing world.

And itís all true!

It then takes that true story and ties it to a scientific theory to show how the simplest, softest action that could ever be taken has the potential to impact this world in ways that will change it forever.

Now, when you mix with some of the best speakers in the world as we do, you are surrounded by people with life changing stories, yet the story of this butterfly had such an impact on us, we even changed our company logo and the direction we are taking as a business.

It had that type of effect on us!

So imagine what impact it will have on your businessÖ.. and the lives of everyone in it?

Our world is full of butterflies, all touching us in ways that influence what we do, what we believe and what we say.

The Butterfly That Changed The World shows how our actions has such a profound effect on others.

It looks at how the actions we take, the examples we set can, and do, change the world in ways we could never really envisage.

And it will touch you with the simplicity of a message that is so powerful.
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