The Superman Within
Do you remember the dreams of your youth? How nothing seemed impossible?

How daring we were, and how playing a role in a game felt as real as if we were our heroes themselves?

The Superman Within is based on the 2012 International Speech Contest semi-final presentation “Superman” and takes you back to the days of those dreams.

You will share in the true story where dreams were stolen and others were simply given up on.

This talk will challenge the lies disguised as truth that can hold us back from achieving the things that truly mean something to us and it will leave you believing in possibility, no matter what your age.

And it will let you believe in the possible, just as you did when young.

Like Superman, who can leap tall buildings in s single bound, we all have the capacity to achieve great things; if we are willing to take that leap, and find the Superman that lies in each of us.
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"Superman" Third Place with Brian Corey Winner of Semi-Final 1 at the Toastmasters' International Convention in Orlando, Florida, 2012
"Superman" Winning District 70 International Speech Contest in Sydney, June 2012