Living The Valued Life
This is one two day seminar that could change your life forever!

Living The Valued Life© is potentially one of the most powerful life-changing programmes you will ever attend.

What does it mean to live a valued life?

For each of us, the answer will be different to everyone else’s.

Living The Valued Life, takes you through the steps that lead to discovering the Valued Life you want to lead and how you can make that life a reality.

Based on over 20 years of applied research and the book, “How An Ant Ate An Elephant”, the steps help you to understand that achieving anything in life is not done by waiting and hoping; neither is it scary and filled with the pursuit of other people’s desires and wishes for your life.

The steps help you discover exactly what it is you want for your life. They prescribe a way of discovering the blockages that prevent and the processes you can take towards the life you value most.

They show how the impossible can become the possible!

Living The Valued Life is all about being fair with myself. Of respecting myself. Of giving it all I’ve got and doing my very best. It’s being responsible to myself and those I love.
It’s having a dream, a target to aim for that is important to me. And not worrying about what others may think about what I want to achieve.

It’s understanding that given everything that is happening in my life all I ever have to do is ask myself, “What is it that I can do, right here, right now, TODAY!”

And it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about my achievements. As long as what I want to achieve is valued by me!

The question is, what type of valued life do you want?

Discover how to:
               • Take control of all areas of your life;
               • Achieve long term, satisfying results;
               • Make real changes in your life;
               • Achieve results you only ever dreamed of.
               • Get more from your relationships and your family life;
               • Achieve without losing the things that are important to you;
               • Recognise your achievements;
               • See yourself as someone unique & special.
The questions you need to ask yourself are:
               "Do I deserve to have a brilliantly complete and happy life for me and those close to me?"
               "If I could change things in my life - would I?"
               "If I don’t do this for myself now, when will I?"
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