Workshop Facilitator
Wanting an experienced, independent and effective voice to facilitate your workshops at your next conference, seminar or team meeting?

Looking for someone who can get results?

Facilitating workshops takes experience, tact, persuasiveness and the ability to draw people out and give responses to the questions you need asked.

Colin Emerson, the principal speaker of TODAY! Seminars has the experience necessary to get results from your workshops; having facilitated workplace and conference workshops for leading businesses, training institutions and local governments in Australia and New Zealand.

Typical of the sessions TODAY! facilitate are:

Corporate vision and mission statement development workshops;
Company merger/ acquisition meetings;
Service standards development workshops;
Project management meetings;
Government sub-committees;
Sales conference workshops;
Budget development workshops;
Leadership workshops;
Workplace discrimination or conflict resolution meetings;
Redundancy notification/ Staff redeployment sessions;
Internal/ External feedback sessions;
Planning sessions; or
Product development workshops.

 Let us help you get the most out of your information gathering/ delivery sessions
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