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With over 30 years management, business, sales and customer service experience, Colin is a specialist in helping people achieve excellence, personally and in business. Colin has been responsible for transforming the service standards in some of Australia's and New Zealand's largest companies.

Colin has delivered over 1000 seminar and training programmes for leading businesses, training institutions and local governments in Australia and New Zealand and conducts speaker training workshops and on-going coaching services to other professional speakers and trainers.

He has won over 20 speech contests in 10 years and his talks are presentations that inspire, promote change and achieve results. In 2009 and again in 2012 he represented Australia at the Toastmasters International Speech Contest in the USA. In 2012 he came third in the Semi-final.

As a Sales Manager he has led a high performing team that achieved the amazing growth of $1,000,000,000 and in doing so transformed a new financial institution into the market leader in a major Australian capital city within three years.

Colin is author of 'How An Ant Ate An Elephant - Living The Valued Life'©. Based on the results of over 10 years research and hundreds of workshop hours and client successes, 'How An Ant Ate An Elephant' describes 'The Process Of Achievement' which gives a step—by—step approach that enables anyone to use and take control of their lives. It gives people strategies that enable a person to move day by day towards living a life they truly value and the results have been outstanding!

He is also author of ‘The Values Inspired Leader’, which details ten lessons in leadership that redefine many of the beliefs people hold about leadership and management. This is a must for any person who is wanting to lead high performing, successful teams.

Between 1993 and 1995 Colin was Chair of the Nunawading City Youth Issues Working Party, which was responsible for bringing Police, Community Workers, School Teachers, Federal and State Government agencies, Councillors and Council Management together in order to resolve issues related to the young adults in the region.

When you use TODAY! Seminars you are choosing to bring out the very best in you, your people and your business. Excellence is not an option — it’s the minimum we’ll give.

What we do has made — and it continues to make — a major difference in people’s lives.
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Through our actions together we change the world forever!

The aim of TODAY! Seminars is to provide an experience that touches people’s business and personal lives, in a way that does make a difference.

We do that through the knowledge, experiences and professionalism we bring to every presentation and workshop, or business or personal growth session we deliver.

No business and no one person is exactly the same as any other. Their needs are different. Their experiences are different. What they want to achieve is different. Which is why we take such a personal approach to all that we do.

TODAY! Seminars work collaboratively with you to discover your vision for you, your people and your business. Our aim is to then help make that vision a reality.

We work with people and businesses to discover and apply those values of leadership, service, self and community that will make a real difference in all aspects of life and business growth.

We work with businesses to define their uniqueness and the leadership qualities that sustain customer satisfaction, on-going profits, heightened staff morale, personal development and job satisfaction.

And we walk with people as they choose the life that is best for them …. and work with them towards achieving that life.

Values are integral to all we do at TODAY! Seminars.

Why values?

Many an organisation will work hard at developing their Mission and Vision statements. But it is the values that underpin those statements that will ultimately determine the type of success a business or individual will achieve.

Values such as honesty, integrity, respect, trust determine the type of relationship we experience one to another.

We work closely with businesses and people to unlock and utilise the values that they wish to be known for in life and in businesses.

Our speakers, workshop presenters, MCs, facilitators, AV specialists and team members bring our values into every interaction we have with you, your team and your clients.
After all, what true success can there be if it is not made valuable by the values displayed?
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